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Selling Process

For buying and selling inquiries, please email us at Attach unedited photos of your item/s, quick descriptions, condition (new, used, flaws...) and location. We will reply within 24-48 hours with an approval status and next steps.

We post approved items for consignment on @nooishhome and and require 30 day exclusivity. After 30 days, unsold items can be reposted or removed with approvals. Based on our professional experience, unusual (color, pattern, size, etc) or higher priced items can take longer than 30 days to sell, so we do recommend patience with the selling process. 

Items remain with the Seller until sold.

Remember, photos can make or break a sale online! After NOOISH approves an item/s for sale, we provide Sellers with a tip guide for snapping pics on an i-phone. We ask our Sellers to provide super clear unedited photos of their items before we post.

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Tips for Product Pics

NOOISH recommends a sale price based on our professional knowledge about a Seller's item/s, the category demands and the market value. We price to sell and strive to support the realistic value of each item we are selling, to benefit our Sellers and Buyers. Unlike some online consignment market places, we don't accept bids/offers - sale prices are not negotiable.

For simple straight-forward transactions (post, market, sell, coordinate pick up), NOOISH requires a 25% consignment fee. When an item sells that fee is deducted from the NOOISH price of the item before taxes. All items purchased with NOOISH are pick up only. We do not offer delivery service options at this time. Buyers arrange their own pick up service, at their own expense. 

Pricing and Fees

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