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About the Curator


Sarina Galu is a Darien-based Interior Designer and has a die-hard passion for creating beautiful yet practical spaces for active families. Her designs always maintain a mix of unique finds that provide sensible style and affordable fashion. It is her approach to interior design that NOOISH embodies.

At NOOISH, we consign "gently used" and "never been used" home decor furnishings including wall coverings, fabrics, lighting, floor coverings, art and more. We collaborate with private sellers, design trade professionals, artists and retail shops to bring unique and custom designer items to those who are looking for beautiful things, great value and instant gratification, without having to look so hard.

Founded in 2020 and curated by an Interior Designer, NOOISH is based on a hyper-local concept, helping local community members with selling their more valuable or sought after furnishings without having to give it away on a tag sale or deal with the time and hassle. 

Items that are: new "oopsies", custom/non-returnable, being discarded in a move or replaced by new interior design plan elements, overstock, discontinued, remnants etc. All items are new-ish!

NOOISH is currently serving CT and NY areas but expanding by word of mouth. We offer a concierge experience for our sellers and buyers and contactless when possible.

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