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Q- Can I return an item I purchased, whether I received it yet or not?

A- All items purchased with NOOISH are final sale.


Q- Does NOOISH coordinate shipping/delivery if I can't pick up my purchase?

A- NOOISH does not offer shipping/delivery at this time. Buyer can coordinate their own pick up. If Buyer chooses to hire a 3rd party company, NOOISH needs to know so we can alert the Seller when we coordinate the pick up day/time.


Q- What is my recourse if an item I purchased doesn't meet the post description?

A- Items posted online can be slightly tricky because colors get distorted by different devices. NOOISH does not guarantee that colors match the online post perfectly, so we encourage Buyers to email us with any questions before making a purchase. Should the condition of an item provide an issue, please contact us at


Q- Does NOOISH sell antiques and vintage pieces?

A- NOOISH is only accepting vintage rugs, based on condition and item details.


Q- When am I reimbursed for the sale of my item?

A- NOOISH collects payment from Buyer within 24-48 hours after an item is "picked". As soon as Buyer pays, NOOISH will reimburse Seller via Venmo or another electronic payment app otherwise agreed to.


Q- How do I know if my item is "new-ish" enough for Nooish?

A- If your item is gently used or never been used with no damages, there's a good shot you're items will qualify to sell on NOOISH. Email us at to help you.


Q- Can I sell my items on other market places while selling with NOOISH?

A- NOOISH requires from Sellers an agreement to 30 day exclusivity. That means the Seller agrees not to cross sell the item posted on NOOISH anywhere else during the agreed upon consignment period. Consignment periods are set at 30 day increments. 

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